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Does your dog have what it takes to be a SuperDog?

The SuperDog of the Month competition was created to celebrate the best in dog portraiture whilst raising money for the UK charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. From cheeky Chihuahua’s to pampered Poodles we know how much dogs mean to their owners and how they are part of a family too.

 We only offer 10 slots to this each month due to are Baby and Family shoot requirements

This could be a great opportunity to capture your loyal and loving friend especially if they are in twilight years or perhaps they were a recent addition to your family.

Our new competition gives you the opportunity to show your love for your dog and enter an image from a photography session.

SuperDog of the Month Amersham
SuperDog of the Month Rickmansworth
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Your SuperDog of the Month Session

There is no charge for the sitting with this offer.
Just a reminder of what is included:

  • A one hour dog photo experience includes the studio some in door and optional outdoors shots in stunning woods and fields outside our Barn studio. See Slide Show (Worth £35)
  • The option to include your family. (worth £50)
  • The opportunity to help a really worthy charity that makes a real difference to people’s lives. Hearing Dogs for Deaf people is a Local /National charity with its Headquarters based outside Princes Risborough.
  • A cinematic style viewing of your superstar pictures on a big screen!
  • The chance to enter the Superdog of the Month. (A min £1.50 donation is required)
  • Each month the top five will receive a “Pets at Home” £25 voucher, the five runners up will each receive a “Pets at Home” £10 voucher.
  • Plus the possibility of winning £2000 in the SuperDog of the Year competition
  • If you increase your donation to the requested £10 Redpath Photos will give you a credit of £25 towards any photo packs and also a £75 credit towards any wall art A3 or bigger. If you subsequently place an order Redpath Photos will match your £10 donation.
  • The judging panel is independent, made up of mums and representatives from the industry.

You will need to come to our studio in Chenies WD3 6EP near Little Chalfont and Rickmansworth and then return a week or so later to view the pictures or view via zoom.
At the viewing, you can choose the photo to enter, into the competition.
At this time, you will have the opportunity to buy any other photos you like, and they start from £35.

I am sure you will love the photos and want to buy some, but there is no hard sell.

Redpath Photos MAPA Certified Professional Photographer

We now shoot with COVID 19 safeguards in place.

We are only doing two sessions a day so we can deep clean and steam clean all props and use different blankets for each baby etc. We keep the barn door open and studio well ventilated have enough room to stay at a safe distance. All surfaces are steam cleaned or wiped with bleach after each session.

Here are the steps you need to take part 

SuperDog of the Month Redpath Photos Beaconsfield

Step 1

You will need to register

To have your Dog take part in this lovely competition, you will need to register using the secure scheduling form below.

Just pick a date and time and enter your details.

You will need to pay £10 the donation at the time of booking whether online or by phone

Due to high demand, we only have a few sessions available

SuperDog of the Month Redpath Photos Chesham

Step 2

Come to your Photo Session

When you arrive for your photo session, we will go through the pictures we intend to take.

At the time of booking please let us know whether you want some outdoor shots as well as studio shots. We will, during the session, take a variety of delightful photographs.

This will give you plenty of choice for your entry and for you to purchase.

SuperDog of the Month Redpath Photos Amersham

Step 3

Choose your Entry

We will arrange with you to view the photographs about two weeks after the portraits were taken.

From the selection, you will be able to choose the photograph you would like to enter, into the SuperDog of the Month competition and buy any more you wish.

Pictures start from £35 but there is no hard sell.

SuperDog of the Month Redpath Photos Rickmansworth

Step 4

Monthly Competition

The photograph you chose is entered into the competition on FaceBook.

It is judged by a panel of top photographers, a panel of dog owners, by public vote and your friends and family by liking and sharing.

SuperDog of the Month Redpath Photos Chorleywood

Step 5

SuperDog of the Year

The five monthly competition winners are all entered into the grand annual competition – SuperDog of the Year.

It is always a difficult choice, but after lots of deliberation a winning Dog is chosen as the SuperDog of the Year, and they will receive £2000.

    positive review  Beautiful pictures taken at a beautiful location of my 6 month old, the finished printed photographs were excellent quality and were received in protective materials to ensure the pictures didn’t become damaged; now I just need to find a frame! Thank you Andrew!

    Hannah Brown Avatar Hannah Brown
    May 18, 2019

    I had a special offer through Emma's Diary, which gave me a free photo shoot and one free print. From start to finish the photo shoot was amazing. Andrew was so amazing with my daughter and so relaxed, we both felt at ease and had fun! The photo viewing was lovely, and the pictures are absolutely stunning!

    Tasha Marshall-Clarke Avatar Tasha Marshall-Clarke
    May 30, 2018

    We've been to see Andrew twice to get some photos of our growing family. It's always a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and we have been delighted with the results of both our visits. Andrew managed to keep our two year old engaged with the process and got some beautiful shots that really captured both the children's characters. I hope we can keep coming back to get more wonderful pictures as they grow up.

    Russell Shea Avatar Russell Shea
    September 1, 2017
SuperDog of the Month Competition Terms and Conditions

Photography Experience Information

  • Only one entry per calendar year
  • The value of your photography experience may not be used to purchase images from a previous photography session
  • During your viewing the opportunity to purchase additional portraits from your session is available, however, there is no obligation to do so

Participation in the competition

  • To enter the competition you will be asked to enter an image from a professional photography session into the SuperDog of the Month Competition via a £1.50 entry donation to the UK charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
  • Redpath Photos, Requests you increase this donation to £10 as Andrew has been a volunteer for the charity for the last 6 years.
  • If you increase the £10.00 donation Redpath Photos will give you a credit of £25 towards any photo packs and a £75 credit towards any wall art A3 size or bigger.
  • If you place an order at the viewing session Redpath Photos will also match your £10 donation and pay both via the Just Giving page of Hearing Dogs. The proof will be provided via e-mail and the donation will be in both your and his name.
  • The donation of £10 is non-refundable and is taken at the time of booking.
  • Images taken outside of a professional photography session are not accepted for participation in this competition
  • By entering, participants accept their entry can include their dog/s and other family members or friends in the image
  • Entry assumes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and agreement to be bound by the decisions of the SuperDog of the Month
  • Owners who choose to participate accept that their image can be viewed, Liked/Loved and commented on by all Facebook users.
  • Images featured in each monthly competition have been professionally photographed by a SuperDog of the Month studio or a SuperDog of the Month Approved and Recommended photographer. Prior consent has been given from the owner of the dog(s) featured in each competition.
  • In the event of an image being selected as a winning entry, the owner’s consent is provided for the image to be used in any relevant Media selected by SuperDog of the Month Limited. This may include advertising, marketing, packaging or used on a website, including social media platforms to raise awareness of the competition.
  • The SuperDog of the Month Competition is not associated with any other dog competition and the promotion of other competitions on the SuperDog of the Month Facebook page is prohibited.
  • Entrants are welcome to share their image with friends and family on Facebook by using the Share function present on each image in a competition album.
  • This competition is not administered, endorsed or associated with Facebook or any other social media company.

How to vote

  • To place a vote in the competition, simply ‘Like’ or ‘Love’ the image of your choice in the relevant competition album found on our Facebook page. The dog with the most amount of combined ‘Likes’ and ‘Loves’ receives 10 points, with the number of points decreasing to 1 point for the 10th most liked dog, but are not the sole method to determine the three winning images each month.
  • ‘Haha’, ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry’ “Reactions” will not count as a vote. Multiple ‘Likes’ or ‘Loves’ on the same image from an individual Facebook account are not possible.
  • ‘Likes’ or ‘Loves’ are counted only on the images made in the corresponding month’s album on the SuperDog of the Month Facebook page. ‘Likes’ or ‘Loves’ on images made outside of the album, or on other social media channels, will not be counted. Please note: the winners of the SuperDog of the Month or SuperDog of the Year Competitions, are NOT decided solely by the highest number of Facebook Likes or Loves.
  • In order to protect entrants and to make the competition as fair as possible any image which we suspect, or find evidence of, has received Likes/Loves from artificial sources, such as forum pages, Networking / Business Groups, For Sale or Swapping Groups/Pages, Groups/Pages unrelated to photography, ‘Likes for Likes’, ‘Likes for Incentives’ or ‘Paid for Likes’, will have their total ‘Likes’/’Loves’ in the competition capped at 500.
  • In addition to the top 10 images on Facebook, three panels of Judges (consisting of 5 dog owners and 5 professional photographers and our ‘Sponsors’) will each choose their top 10 from all the images entered into monthly competitions, rating them from 10 points to 1. The points from each Judge are then collated to determine the top 10 overall entries for both the dog owners judging panel, the Photographer judging panel and the Sponsors judging panel.
  • In the event of a tie, the winning positions will be calculated accordingly. The positions will be awarded using first the Dog Owner votes, followed by Photographer and Sponsors votes, ending with Facebook votes.
  • Each panel (Facebook, Dog Owners, Photographers and Sponsors) have a one-quarter weighting in the competition, with the overall score marked out of 40. The results from each panel are combined to determine the 5 winners and 5 Top 10 Finalists of each SuperDog of the Month Competition.

Competition prizes and notification

  • In each calendar year, there will be 12 competitions, with five winners announced each month.
  • The monthly prize for each of the five selected winning images is £25 Pets at Home voucher. No cash alternative is provided.
  • The monthly prize for each of the five selected Top 10 Finalists is a £10 Pets at Home voucher. No cash alternative is provided.
  • The prize for the image chosen as SuperDog of the Year is £2000.
  • Via their photographer, the competition organiser will inform each of the five monthly winners and Top 10 Finalists within 28 days of the competition closing date.
  • SuperDog of the Month reserves the right, in the event of circumstances arising outside of our control, which in our opinion makes it necessary, to cancel or change the competition at any stage.
  • The decisions of the judging panel are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • The competition is not open to employees/contractors of SuperDog of the Month, Approved and Recommended Studios/Franchise Studios and their families of Baby of the Month Limited, Portrait Appointments Limited or Barrett & Coe Limited.
  • Winners will be invited to return to their photographer’s studio in order to collect their prize and will be asked to have a presentation photograph with their dog/s accepting their prize. This image will be shared on appropriate Social Media channels


Booking your Appointment

Select a date and time

Frequently asked questions.

When will I be able to view the photographs?

We know how excited you are to see the pictures; therefore, we will arrange a viewing for you as soon as is possible this will usually be one or two weeks after the session at the studio after we have put the finishing touches to them.

If you want to bring your extended family, e.g. grandparents, we would love to meet them.

How does the voting work?

Every month all entries are featured in an album on our Facebook page where competition votes (‘Likes/Loves’) are counted. In addition to the top 10 most popular images on Facebook, we have a panel of judges made up of 5 Professional Photographers, our Sponsors, and 5 Dog Owners.

The image with the most Facebook ‘Likes/Loves’ receives 10 points, the 10th most popular image receives 1 point. This is repeated with the result from our 5 ‘Dog Owner’ judges, ‘Sponsors’ and our 5 ‘Professional Photographer’ judges.

The scores are then collated and marked out of a total score of 40 points. The top 5 dogs with the most points each will receive a £25 Pets at Home voucher and entry into our SuperDog of the Year competition to win £2000!

How Do I see entries into the competition?

Each month entries are uploaded to superdog of the month Facebook page.

Can I bring more than one dog?

Yes but Redpath Photos will require a £10 charity donation for each extra dog.

How much does it cost to enter competition?

Redpath Photos asks for a min donation of £10 at the time of booking which needs to be done online.

Can I include my family?

Yes but only immediate family. Normally we do kids and dog together, then the family with your dog. Happy to consider other combinations on the day.

How do we book?

All of our sessions are by appointment. You can book online by selecting date and time in the Appointment calendar above.

Our contact details where you will find our address, email, phone number and social media details, all of which are great ways to discuss your upcoming portrait session.

How can I pay for my order?

Payment for your order can be made by cash, cheque or credit card and we also accept American Express for those who wish to add to their Air Miles.

How well behaved does my dog need to be?

Ideally your dog can stay on command. I am great with dogs but if you can’t control your dog it will be more difficult to get great pictures.

Do I need to bring toys and treats?

Yes but don’t immediately offer them to your dog , as they can become transfixed. I only use them towards the end of a session when the dog can tire.

How long does the session last?

Most sessions are studio-based and last about an hour in total depending on the number of dogs and whether your children and family are going to be in the picture. If you want some outdoor shots as well please state that at the time of booking.

If you have any other questions you might find the answer on our FAQ’s Page

You could also Contact Us we are always pleased to help.

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