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Newborn Portraits

Congratulations on your forthcoming bundle of joy. The excitement and trepidation are no doubt building.

Thank you for considering us to capture this life-changing moment for you. These are the pictures you will keep and cherish throughout your life, and no doubt appear one day at your child’s wedding during the speeches!

Newborn photography will usually take place within the first 14-16 days of your baby’s life. However, it can be a week or so later if your baby was premature.

At this stage, babies tend to be at their most sleepy and relaxed and as a result, at this point, are easier to position.

Unfortunately, Newborns don’t stay sleepy for long and in fact seem to spring out after this point and start on a rapid growth spurt, so we only have a small window of opportunity to create these beautiful natural photographs that people associate with Newborn Photography.

The fact that the baby’s skin tends to be the least blemished at this point also aids to get beautiful pictures.

Your Newborn Session

The earlier after birth, we can to do a photoshoot the better, that way we can get those dreamy sleep photos. It is more difficult once the baby is five weeks old as they are more likely to be wide awake and we will not be able to do any sleepy poses, some Mum’s are okay with that as they still want a record of that time or some decide to wait until their baby can lift their head at three months. As much as Mum’s and Dad’s plan to have a Newborn photoshoot, life can get in the way, so we are always happy to do a session further down the line for whatever the reason and credit you any money you paid upfront.

From experience, it’s best to try and keep your newborn awake for at least an hour before the session, and in the car, so they are tired and hopefully hungry. When you arrive, it’s best to undress your baby to the nappy. Please avoid any clothes that you need to pull over their head to remove as this can unsettle the baby, and keep them wrapped in a blanket to keep them warm. At this point, we would advise you to feed your baby to get them as sleepy and relaxed as possible before we start to take pictures.


Whilst you are relaxing, I will ask you a bit about what you are thinking about doing with the pictures and where you might want to put them in your house. 

For the full Newborn experience which lasts up to three hours, hopefully, less if the baby is having a good day! Please bring a snack and water for yourself and any siblings.

The studio is heated to mimic the temperature of the womb. We also use Shushers which mimic the sound of the womb. This will hopefully create the optimum chance for your baby to go into a deep sleep.

If siblings are coming, please bring some entertainment for them. Raisins and other goodies can be useful in bribing little one’s to get them close to their new brother or sister. Again it is best to bring them later on in session to prevent them from getting bored (especially toddlers ).

I aim to capture one wicker basket set plus various beanbag poses and parent shots. I always do a collection of black and white photos and closeup shots of hands and feet as well.

Some shots the baby will be in a nappy (covered by fabric), and some will be naked/nappy-less. We, therefore, ask that you bring two changes of clothing, one for the family photos and one just in case of accidents. Accidents are perfectly natural and will occur, so don’t stress if it happens.

I am sure you will bring your usual baby equipment. However, I do have a supply of nappy bags etc. in the studio just in case you forget something. Creams tend to be the most forgotten item along with brushes if the baby has flowing locks.

Please bring along a couple of blankets for the baby, to keep them warm during the gaps when you feed the baby. I use a hot water bottle to preheat surfaces before putting the baby in a new prop. Bringing your own blankets helps as it will have your scent on it, which also helps in settling the baby.

I know mum’s at the moment are moving away from dummies; however, if your newborn is having a bad day, it can help to calm the baby. I have a variety of new and packaged ones if you forget yours or don’t use one.

Sessions are totally baby driven; for example, if your baby suffers from wind, they will not like being on their front so I will not do poses that will cause discomfort.  During the photo session, I may ask you or your partner to help me. Sometimes babies can startle, and therefore I like to have mum nearby. I take newborn safety seriously.

I like to photograph mum dad and baby, dad and baby and mum and baby. I can appreciate mum’s and dads can be a bit reluctant to be in the pictures at times, but your child later on in life will cherish these pictures. A dad or mum looking at their new child with sheer love and affection often end up being their most cherished pictures. Even the most adamant mum’s and dads can change their mind on the day so bring an alternative outfit just in case. If you have a toddler, it is best perhaps to get the grandparents to bring him or her later into the session towards the end.

Each session is unique as I have so many colours and textures of backdrops, different style props in various colours and sizes.

Many of our couples get to know me and trust me through doing a bump shoot together. If you book a Newborn session in advance that I will include this as part of the experience. We incorporate those pictures into the baby viewing. Children often ask where they came from, so it is great to have a picture to show them!

To avoid disappointment, I would suggest booking your Newborn session around your 20-week scan. However, we cannot get a confirmed date in the diary until the baby has arrived. I will only book a certain number of Newborn sessions per month to accommodate any early or late babies.

You may have already given birth to your baby and wish to make a booking at the last minute; please contact me as there is still a possibility, I would be able to fit you in.

Included in your Newborn Experience

Session Fee – £49

  • Up to a 2-3 hour session.
  • A minimum of two backdrop changes and several poses.
  • Approximately 25-30 unique images to choose from these can be purchased separately at your viewing session.
  • One 10 x 8 inch print as a souvenir.
  • Copyright permission to print for personal use
  • Professional editing and retouching
  • Personalised viewing session. Why not bring the family and share the joy? Within two weeks of your session, we will invite you back to the studio where you can view your images on our big screen and place your order.
  • If you book a Newborn session before the baby is born, we will also include a maternity session.

Booking your Appointment

Select a date and time

    5 star review  Fantastic photos! We're really pleased with the results of our family photos 😀

    Pippa Vin Cent Avatar Pippa Vin Cent
    December 6, 2017

    positive review  Andrew has taken our family photos many times over the years and they are always good. The last time was in August 2019 for an 80th Birthday and the photo of all 13 of us is really good.

    Karen Sterling Avatar Karen Sterling
    September 29, 2019

    positive review  Great set up for family group photos and Andrew captures everyone’s best side- really enjoyed our photo shoot.

    Philippa Young Avatar Philippa Young
    October 28, 2017

Frequently asked questions.

What happens if my baby won’t settle or Sleep?

At times this can happen, but we are used to it. Babies still look cute with their eyes open.

Generally, through a session, there will be an opportunity when the baby sleeps, and I make sure to take that opportunity to get the required shots.

Often a quick top-up feed gives us that needed window to settle the baby.

When will I be able to view the photographs?

All of our mums and dads are excited to see their pictures, so we arrange a viewing usually one or two weeks after the session back at the studio.

If you came for a bump shoot, we view these pictures at this session as well.
If you want to bring your extended family, e.g. grandparents, we would love to meet them.

Can the rest of the family be included?

Siblings are very welcome to be included; however, we do suggest that they are brought along later in the session, perhaps by a grandparent so that they do not get bored.

Due to time constraints, it is not possible to include the wider family, if this is something you would like, please take a look at our Family Portrait page.

How do we book?

All of our sessions are by appointment. You can book online by selecting date and time in the Appointment calendar above.

Our contact details where you will find our address, email, phone number and social media details, all of which are great ways to discuss your upcoming portrait session.

How long are the newborn portrait sessions?

We will never rush your sitting, and we will always ensure we have enough time to create images you will love, however, as a guide would expect the session to last between two to three hours

Do you offer a guarantee?

In the unlikely event you weren’t happy for whatever reason we would refund the New Born session fee.

So far, no customer has taken me up on this Guarantee.

How can I pay for my order?

Payment for your order can be made by cash, cheque or credit card and we also accept American Express for those who wish to add to their Air Miles.

If you have any other questions you might find the answer on our FAQ’s Page

You could also Contact Us we are always pleased to help.

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