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Cake Smash Portraits


Your little one is now one year old, their first big event, and what better way to celebrate than with a fun-filled messy cake smash photo session. Join us for a birthday celebration cake smash and create some terrific memories.

We will start with some great photos of your child in their lovely party clothes with some party props and balloons. The fun part then begins when the cake is brought in for the cake smash event.

Just bring your own cake, or we can recommend a local baker if you want a custom cake made. Most children cannot believe their luck and soon get into the swing of demolishing the cake and creating their own new creation/ Jackson Pollock.

Cake Smah Portraits Redpath Photos

Your Cake Smash Session

Our £29.00 Cake Smash Experience includes a fun-filled photo session, complete with birthday props and the option, if you want, of a splash in our baby bubble bath to clean up

If you would like you could personalise the session by bringing along some of your own birthday items.

An 8×6 inch image is also included and can be chosen at the time of your cinema-style viewing.

Our Cake Smash Gift Experience Vouchers also make the perfect first birthday gift.

Please have a look at our hints and tips, in the FAQ’s below to get the most out of your cake Smash experience.

Cake Smash Redpath Photos Chenies

Included in your Cake SmashPortrait

Session Fee – £29

  • Up to a one hour session.
  • You will receive one 8×6 inch print of your choice.
  • A minimum of two backdrop changes and several poses.
  • Approximately 25-30 unique images to choose from these can be purchased separately at your viewing session.
  • Copyright permission to print for personal use
  • Professional editing and retouching
  • Personalised viewing session. Why not bring the family and share the joy? Within two weeks of your session, we will invite you back to the studio where you can view your images on our big screen and place your order.
Cake Smash Portrait Redpath Photos Rickmansworth

Booking your Appointment

Select a date and time

    I wish I'd known Redpath Studios existed when I got married!! Andy is so professional, yet puts you at ease and made the hour photo shoot with my 8 month old baby, an absolute joy. I would definitely use then again and hope in a couple of years to make use of the beautiful grounds and have some outside family shots taken with my other son. Also, love the link Andy sends through with the pictures so that you can share these with friends and family. I'm looking forward to picking up the originals. If you are looking for a photographer who makes you feel relaxed, look no further than Redpath Studios. Thank you so much. Natalie Costa

    Natalie Costa Avatar Natalie Costa
    February 16, 2017

    Love, love, love the amazing photos Andrew took of my daughter for baby club. And now he's consistently produced more amazing ones of my Son, can't wait for our next shoot!!

    Julia Singleton Avatar Julia Singleton
    March 31, 2017

    positive review  thank you Andrew for a great photos, would recommend for family and friends

    Kirsty Jane Stone Avatar Kirsty Jane Stone
    September 10, 2018

Frequently asked questions.

What type of cake is best?

Keep it simple 

Sponge cakes are very popular for smashing; they are great for little hands to break up and crumble easily.

Icing made from buttercream is ideal and will definitely end up being very messy.

Coloured icing looks really messy in the photographs but choose wisely; red can be dramatic like something from a horror film whereas chocolate can look like …!!

Get A Great Outfit. (you only do this once).

Please do not put your child in their best outfit as you run the risk it could be ruined. Butter icing is a devil to remove!

Nappies do not look great unless you have a nappy cover, I usually have a couple in the studio but bring your own so the colours coordinate.

A Tutu, long beads, angel wings and a crown or tiara can look great for girls and shorts and braces, and a peaky blinder cap can look terrific for boys; however, there are no rules.

It is an excellent opportunity to have some fun. The more over the top, the better Do not stress if the details aren’t exactly perfect as it’s about celebrating your family.

It is Going to Get Messy.

We leave the cake smash until the end of the session.

Make sure you bring three outfits:

Their best party clothes for the first outfit. The second outfit for the cake smash.
A clean outfit to take them home.

If you want to do the splash with bubbles in the bath, then bring a towel as well.

There will be icing everywhere, and that will probably mean not just on the baby. Be prepared for the fact that you are going to get it all over your clothes as well. A spare outfit for everyone is advised.

In the studio, we use paper backgrounds so we can cut and wrap any mess up.

Feel free to bring your own props as well.

Amongst our props We have a large number one in white in the studio and also letters spelling one, cake stand and bunting in different colours If you can purchase balloons, please bring them with you.

Over the years, I enjoyed my mum’s and dad’s ideas, so feel free to ring me before the shoot. I had a well-known DJ customer who wanted his son to be photographed with his deck and headphones on him. Another dad with his motorcycle helmet included. One of my mum’s wanted hundreds of fake silk flowers and another, Chinese lanterns.

Hopefully, that will inspire you.

Reassure Your Baby and encourage them.

Some babies do not like a mess and might find the whole thing a bit overwhelming. Some just cannot believe their luck and get stuck in straight away.

However, if they are shown what to do and are gently encouraged, they soon get the idea and will enjoy the experience.

If you want to use something other than a cake, for example, a watermelon, I have seen that made into a cake shape, then bring it along, there are no rules.

I just want everyone to have fun.

Can the rest of the family be included in the photographs?

Yes, Mum, Dad and siblings can be included in a family photo, but please let me know you would like this beforehand.

How do we book?

All of our sessions are by appointment. You can book online by selecting date and time in the Appointment calendar above.

Our contact details where you will find our address, email, phone number and social media details, all of which are great ways to discuss your upcoming portrait session.

How long are the Cake Smash portrait sessions?

Your Cake Smash Portrait session will last approximately one hour.

What should I bring with me?

A cake as we do not supply these; I can recommend a local baker if required. I have a cake stand and buntings in various colours and lots of other decorations like paper. 

If you want to bring balloons and additional decorations/ Props, then that’s fine too. 

Please feel free to talk through your ideas before the session. 

Bring lots of wipes for cleaning up, one best outfit for the shots without the cake and one outfit you don’t mind getting covered in cake. 

When will I be able to view the photographs?

We know how excited you are to see the pictures; therefore, we will arrange a viewing for you as soon as is possible this will usually be one or two weeks after the session at the studio after we have put the finishing touches to them

If you want to bring your extended family, e.g. grandparents, we would love to meet them.

Please check the ingredients of any cake you bring with you.

We recommend that as with all new foods, it is a good idea to start slowly to make sure your child does not have an allergy. Test the cake out before the shoot. For this reason, I will not supply the cake.

However, if they are shown what to do and are gently encouraged, they soon get the idea and will enjoy the experience.

If you want to use something other than a cake, for example, a watermelon, I have seen that made into a cake shape, then bring it along, there are no rules.

I just want everyone to have fun.

How can I pay for my order?

Payment for your order can be made by cash, cheque or credit card and we also accept American Express for those who wish to add to their Air Miles.

If you have any other questions you might find the answer on our FAQ’s Page

You could also Contact Us we are always pleased to help.

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